The Life Mapping Method:

List it, Clear it + Dream it!

The Life Mapping Method works!

I am a Transformation Expert with a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology. I am an Emotional Freedom Technique Coach and a professional at getting unstuck.

I have spent countless hours studying what it takes to heal and more importantly what it takes to thrive and actually enjoy your life (well at least, most of the time)!

I was my first client and what I discovered from years of anxiety and feeling trapped, was that there was a system to healing, progression and achieving our dreams.

It was The Life Mapping Method.

If you have ever felt tangled up and stuck, wishing someone could just swoop in and hand you a map with clear directions on what to do next with your life?!
If you want to feel on purpose and on a path to more happiness, fulfillment and FUN! You want out of the FUNK and into FLOW…

The Life Mapping Method is THAT dream come true! You will gain clarity and a clear route to get forward momentum FAST and in a direction that is right for YOU!

I am an expert at helping people find their souls calling + life purpose. This map will be your EASY guide to your next steps toward your big dream waiting for YOU!

I work with wonderful people in search of more joy, inspiration and most importantly DIRECTION…


I help successful stagnant entrepreneurs gain clarity on their next moves and create grander visions!

Megan, a successful blogger who was ready to take a larger leap into the next phase of her dream as an entrepreneur, successfully completed a book!

Eric, the owner of a successful tech company reached his goal of connecting more deeply with his family and inviting more FUN into his life!

I assist people who are depressed and struggling to participate in life, feeling lost and unsure of how to feel better.

Kelly, a young woman who struggled with depression, avoided leaving the house, discovered she was a blooming ARTIST! She set up a workshop in her home and opened an online store selling her master pieces. She even began to drive a bright white vespa adorned with a bright gold shimmery helmet!

I support burnt out moms reclaim their passion and purpose, inviting them to discover they can find balance in motherhood.

Jessica, a stay at home mom went from being bogged down with the responsibility of family life to creating time for travel!

I discovered from my clients, whether it was someone in a deep funk or a stagnant entrepreneur, there were 3 parts that needed to get in order to support forward momentum and clarity. Let me share with you…

The life Mapping Method in action:
Clear it, List it + Dream it!

Step #1

Clear It:

Letting go of the old and inviting in the new! Imagine for a moment, your mind is a computer program. Over the last 20 years or more you have unintentionally become wired for certain fear, worries or insecurities. You have deep rooted patterns of operating. I know, you desire change, but your brain literally is running an old program. These patterns are standing in the way of a better life more than you might realize. You really need a reboot!

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is the ticket to rewiring the brain, calming your nervous system and supporting you to become someone new. This tool will help you change physically and mentally, going from fight/ flight to calm/logic.

Through listening with a keen ear and my deep sense of intuition, I know what’s tripping you up and how to help you move beyond the old system and most importantly change your brain/ habits to line up with the transformation you seek! EFT is an easy self-healing, a game changer!

Step #2

List it:

If you feel like you don’t even know where to start, then this is the step that will be so helpful. Together, we will identify your next action steps, using your ideal life as a compass. We will create 3 main lists to help you to know exactly where you are going and what needs to happens next to get you there.

Step #3

Dream it:

Everyone on the planet was born with a calling. I know with certain; you have a gift that desires to be shared with yourself and the world. It’s really your ticket to deep fulfillment and satisfaction. You have a picture of what your ideal life looks like! Let’s get your dream life out of your head and into your life with ease and fun!

Here’s how we will work together:

Thanks for the Map + I Got This:

Single 75-minute session

EFT Basics: Your Guide to Feeling Good Now (E-Course)

This course will teach you all you need to know to get started tapping and changing brain patterns now!

Our Session:

I listen intently to all the areas of your life, using my intuition and counseling skills, together we will make a clear map to the life you deeply desire, finding what stands in your way and the next action steps to get you there.

Clear mission/vision statement targeting your big dream!

Investment: $175

Single Session: Map Follow Up’s/ 45 minutes $120

Let’s Navigate the Map Together + Keep YOU Accountable:

Four 60-minute sessions

EFT Basics: Your Guide to Feeling Good Now (E-Course)

This course will teach you all you need to know to get started tapping and changing brain patterns now!

First Session:

  • Deep Dive into all areas of your life, getting to the root of your deepest desires for your life. Together, we will create a map to your dreams and uncover what stands in your way.
  • Clear Mission/Vision Statement targeting your big dream!

Follow ups:

  • Work on clearing blockages together with EFT Coaching.
  • A clear working list of next action steps with ACCOUTABLITY!
  • Ideal Scenes + Living Vision- Deep dive into the art of manifestation!

Investment: $397