6 Weeks to Self-Healing

A Group Journey to Becoming Your Own Healer

6 Weeks to Self-Healing

An Individual Journey in a Group Setting

I am passionate about your ability to HEAL YOURSELF!

Life doesn’t take place in a straight line. We lose people, jobs, pregnancies and dogs. We ebb and flow. We experience change in many forms which can be wonderful and scary.

But what do you do to get back on the wagon when you fall off?

For me, in the past, whenever I was in the ebb of life, I would always seek someone to fix me. There must a practitioner, healer, doctor, supplement, tincture, essential oil or some magic bullet to make me happy and well again?!

I was searching for something that lived outside when the answer and the healing was inside of ME!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful to each person who helped me along the way and there have been many BUT my life didn’t get exponentially better until I discovered…I have the power to heal myself!


Are you ready to stop seeking others for answers to your problems?

Are you ready to feel better despite being in the mist of change and transition?

Are you ready to feel calm in your body and more aware of what you need to be happy?

Are you ready to save some serious money by tapping into your own ability to find peace and clarity?

Are you ready to take something crappy and turn it into something that feels better?

Are you ready to learn tools and acquire your own healing toolbox to get you out of the funk and back into flow? And do it over again when you need it!

Are you ready to witness your own healing power?!

If so, you are ready to claim your healing ability!

Let’s Dive in!

6 Weeks to Self-Healing:

A Group Journey to Becoming Your Own Healer


6 weeks to Self-Healing is an individual journey in a group setting. We will share our experience together and support one another to grow in our ability to heal ourselves! Through our time together you will acquire knowledge on healing and applicable tools including:


  • Master Emotional Freedom Technique: A powerful self-healing tool to calm the nervous system and to rewire the brain. If you feel stuck and, in a pattern, EFT will be your new best friend. This healing tool is LIFE CHANGING! In this program you will become confident in EFT and empowered to heal yourself.
  • The power of our intentions + becoming a conscious creator: In this class, you will learn how much dominion you have over your life! Whether you’re struggle with a tricky relationship or are overcoming a hardship, we will dive into the power of our thoughts/actions/choices and how we can move to higher ground with ease. You will learn to consciously create a life that you love and is in alignment with more joy more often.
  • The Art of Self Counseling: Learn the ability to access your own inner voice full of wisdom and clarity. This journaling process will enable you to seek advice right from within! No more asking others what they think or seeking outside approval!
  • Deep Dive into awakening your intuition: Learn how to access you own intuition in your own unique way! Intuition is like learning a new language, learn to translate what your gut feelings are telling you.

Course Details:


Thursdays for 6 Weeks
April 23 – May 28


Virtual 60-minute calls via Zoom 4:15pm – 5:15pm
Private FB group to stay connected and accountable