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The SHINE program is now virtual!

by | Mar 26, 2020 | Kids, Offerings, SHINE

Here is a bit more about SHINE Online + FAQ

In the blink of an eye, all our worlds got shook upside down! With the spread of the coronavirus globally and the need for social distancing, school closures and work layoffs, we have never faced times such as these. The stress can be palpable and yet we still have life to tend to…like our kids!

I know, talk about pressure. I feel you. As a mom of 2 young boys, I felt the rush to get life in order quickly. Just as our worlds have been swirling inside as parents. Our kids also have their inner worlds spinning! They are likely confused, lonesome and perhaps have more anxiety than usual. They also may be enjoying the down time too, perhaps a silver lining to these times.

Before the virus broke out, SHINE was business as usual and having in person classes at The Remedy, a local wellness center my sister and I started in Martinez, CA. When everything happened, it became clear that children needed this program NOW and more than ever before! I decided to quickly make this program virtual and SHINE Online was born.

If you are new to SHINE, let me introduce myself, I’m Stephanie, the founder of SHINE. I am a Spiritual Psychologist, Emotional Freedom Technique Coach and transformation/anxiety expert. I am also a certified yoga instructor. SHINE was created out my deep desire to share with kids early self-healing tools (everything I know now, that would have been life changing if I knew back then). I want children to feel confident in supporting themselves though life’s inevitable twists and turns and to learn that true happiness is an inside job! You can learn more about my journey HERE.

SHINE is a youth empowerment program, creating a new evolution of conscious kids who are equipped with taking wonderful care of themselves… mind, body and spirit. Recently, I had a dear friend share with me the concept of internal engineering. That is exactly what we do here at SHINE! We teach children practical tools to work with emotions and how to take empowered action. We make robust internal engineering, so kids can shine as they were born to do! You can learn all about our mission, curriculum and philosophy HERE.

With that, we are so excited to announce SHINE is coming to your cozy living room. In this 4-week live classroom, your child will connect with kids from all over the world! Your child will learn self-healing tools like yoga, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), self-counseling and make their very own healing tool kits. We will have great conversation and connect with one another in a cootie free environment. We’re going to have a ton of FUN in our own homes but very much together!

I believe one of the benefits of this situation is…time. We’re at a point where we are being invited to slow down and to really learn new enriching ways to nourish our kids, ourselves and the globe.

SHINE is my heart + soul. I can’t wait to meet your people! To enroll + lean more Click/offerings/shine-online/. 


Is the SHINE program for boy or girls?

The answer is BOTH. The k-2nd and the 3rd-5th grade class includes both girls and boys.

The preteen class, however, is just for middle school girls. I have discovered at that age, in order to create an environment where they feel comfortable to talk freely, its best just to have only girls. I know middle school boys need these tools too and I myself have boys. My son has made it clear how unfair that is, so in the future we would like to accommodate middle school boys as well.

What if I have multiple kids? Do I need to enroll in multiple programs?

It would be a nice experience for your child to have their own group and dedicated time just for them. However, it’s no problem to choose a class that would accommodate all you kids. For instance, if you have a 4th grader and 2nd grader, I suggest enrolling in the 3rd-5th grade class for both kids.

How will this program run virtually?

Once you enroll in the class, you will need to download the zoom app to your phone or computer. You will receive an email with the zoom link prior to the start of class. All you must do is click the link provided and you will be whisked off to our virtual classroom. Of course, making sure you have a good Wi-Fi connection is important for smooth participation in the program.

What will my child need for the program?

Your child will need a yoga mat or towel and a relatively quiet corner of your home.
The 3rd-5th and the Preteen program will need a journal/paper and pen.

Will my child be able to talk and share in this group?

Yes! The children will have an opportunity to share and talk to the group! I will be calling on kids to contribute to the conversation and asking for demos. We will try to get as much participation as we can!
In the preteen and 3rd-5th class we will be using a zoom feature that allows the kids to break out into mini rooms to discuss and share in more depth amongst their peers about the topic we are exploring!

I really want to do the program, but I’m strapped for cash right now.

Listen, I know times are tough. If the $29 is a stretch for your family, please contact us directly here and we will enroll you child for free. All are welcome who would like to join our community. No child will be left out or behind.